Talks start: All eyes on farmers assembly with authorities

Vibha Sharma
Tribune News Service
New Delhi, December 1

As farmers’ unions and the government assembled again under one roof to discover an acceptable-to-all solution to the vexed problem, there is perceptible tension and a reason for hope on the outcome.

While they have held two meetings earlier, this one is different as it comes amid the massive farmers’ agitation right at the doorstep of the country’s power centre.

Both sides have a huge responsibility riding on their shoulders to deliver, a reason why this meeting is different from previous ones.

While farmers are adamant to continue the protest if things don’t go their way, there are practical aspects to the resolve as well.

Observers say to carry on protests forever may not be tenable for farmers while for the government such optics are bad news.

Farmers are a huge electorate and this particular agitation cannot be equated with earlier agitations faced by the BJP-led Centre, like anti-CAA protests at Shaheen Bagh.  

Farmer unions have said their stand on the three “black” laws, the newly-enacted ordinance on Air Quality Management in Delhi-NCR and the Electricity Bill 2020 was “non-negotiable”. 

However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP-led Centre maintain “the new farm laws have been brought for effective implementation of the promises made to farmers. They will empower farmers and give them more options. However, those who played tricks with interests of farmers have launched a concerted disinformation campaign”.


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