‘Sense of drift’ in Congress; excessive time occasion will get full-time president: Sandeep Dikshit

New Delhi, July 26

It is “high time” that the Congress appoints a full-time president by “selection or election”, occasion chief Sandeep Dikshit mentioned on Sunday, asserting that the Congress Working Committee (CWC) comprising senior leaders ought to have settled the management problem earlier, coping with it on precedence.

There is a “sense of drift” and a sense that “we need to get on with the job” within the occasion with an interim president on the helm, Dikshit mentioned.

In an interview to PTI, the Congress chief mentioned for him, there was no “particular fixation” with any particular person, and Rahul Gandhi or anybody else might be appointed by “selection or election”, however the vital factor is that the occasion wants a full-time president.

We ought to have a full-time president, whether or not it’s Mr. A or Mr. B or Mr. Gandhi that’s not a problem in any respect. Party ideology and collective management make a celebration.

Sandeep Dikshit, Former MP

Dikshit’s remarks assume significance as Sonia Gandhi nears completion of one-year as interim Congress president in early August and the occasion is abuzz with hectic parleys on the best way ahead.

He additionally hit out at Jyotiraditya Scindia for switching to the BJP and Sachin Pilot for his revolt in Rajasthan, asserting that the combat was not between the younger and the previous within the occasion, however between the “usurpers” and people persevering by way of onerous work.

“Much as I would say that Mrs (Sonia) Gandhi is doing a very able and commendable job (as president), one of the reasons that she left earlier was that she felt that it is time for her to take to the background and for other people to take over. In her case, it was Mr (Rahul) Gandhi,” Dikshit mentioned.

“Here’s an interim arrangement. Interim is a very iffy word because you know if you are interim you won’t take long term decisions for the Congress. So, it is high time we get a full time president, whoever it is,” the 55-year-old former MP mentioned.

Whether it’s by way of “selection or election” there isn’t any problem, he mentioned.

“We should have a full-time president, whether it is Mr. A or Mr. B or Mr. Gandhi that is not an issue at all. Party ideology and collective leadership make a party,” Dikshit mentioned.

He mentioned initially it was thought that the CWC, the occasion’s highest determination making physique, will come collectively and choose a president or possibly amongst themselves elect one, however that has not occurred.

It will not be a nasty concept to depart it open to the All India Congress Committee (AICC), the place one also can have an election to the working committee, he mentioned.

“It (appointment of full-time president) should have happened earlier. I constantly maintain that here is the place where I point towards the inability of our senior leaders (CWC members) to have risen to the challenge, got together and got this thing done,” Dikshit mentioned.

“Mr Gandhi very clearly made a statement that I am not coming back, then what were you (senior leaders) busy doing running around and not being able to decide,” he mentioned, including that they need to have gotten the method finished.

Noting that the CWC couldn’t agree on one identify and so it determined Sonia Gandhi ought to change into interim president, Dikshit additionally pointed in the direction of Scindia and Pilot for not taking a stand then as CWC members and allow a choice both then or later, every time the occasion’s high decision-making physique met.

“All these people (in the CWC), including the Scindias and Pilots, why couldn’t they have fought for and enabled selection or election of a new president at that time. These people can do a revolt when it comes to personal ambition, but they could not risk their careers when it came to the party,” he mentioned.

Asked if Rahul Gandhi ought to come again as occasion chief within the prevailing circumstances, Dikshit mentioned whoever comes will do nicely for the Congress.

“If it is Mr Gandhi, I will follow him, if it is someone else, I will follow that person. No particular fixation with any particular person. I am an AICC member, I have one vote, which if needed, will be cast on my conscience,” he asserted.

Earlier this yr, Dikshit, son of three-time Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit, had voiced his opinion that the management problem have to be settled and had asserted that the senior leaders should step up.

His remarks come amid the disaster being confronted by the occasion in Rajasthan with Pilot overtly rebelling towards the Ashok Gehlot authorities which comes shut on the heels of Scindia toppling the Congress authorities in Madhya Pradesh by switching over to the BJP with MLAs supporting him.

Talking in regards to the again to again Scindia and Pilot episodes which have rocked the Congress, Dikshit mentioned there isn’t any such factor because the “young vs old” and these had been the results of private ambitions.

“Basically it is their calculation, their self assessment and what they think they are. I don’t know about Mr Pilot, because we do not know what he is going to do. I think it is a little premature to say anything,” he mentioned.

Dikshit, nevertheless, added that each have proven all of the weaknesses that political beings can have.

Asked if Rahul Gandhi’s stepping down as occasion chief had heightened insecurities among the many youthful leaders within the occasion, he mentioned it heightened the insecurities solely of those that wished to “climb on his tailcoat”.

On why Gehlot or Kamal Nath had been chosen as chief ministers over their youthful colleagues, he mentioned this query shouldn’t be requested of Rahul Gandhi or anybody else, however to the occasion MLAs within the respective Congress legislature events.

“More MLAs are with Kamal Nath than with Scindia. More MLAs are with Gehlot than with Pilot. So it is the MLAs’ decision,” Dikshit asserted.

Criticising Scindia, Dikshit mentioned regardless of the royal scion shedding the Lok Sabha, he was provided the publish of state occasion chief and a nomination to the Rajya Sabha.

For somebody who claims to be a individuals’s chief, he ought to have accepted individuals’s verdict within the Lok Sabha and had the power to stay with out the trimmings of energy, fought for the occasion on the sphere and gained again his seat for the occasion.

“Mrs Gandhi offered him to become PCC (Pradesh Congress Committee) chief in November last year. Scindia never came back with a yes. So what did he want, we couldn’t have put him in place of Mr. (Narendra) Modi,” Dikshit quipped. — PTI


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