Ravi Shankar to Zuckerberg: Pages of right-of-centre ideology getting deleted

Mukesh Ranjan

Tribune News Service

New Delhi, September 1

Union Minister for Information Technology (IT) Ravi Shankar Prasad on Tuesday wrote a letter to Facebook Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg saying that India officers of the social media platform are making “concerted effort” to delete pages of right-of-centre ideology.

In the letter, Prasad mentioned: “Right from India MD to other senior officials, they all belong to a particular political belief and Facebook is the latest tool in their arsenal to stoke internal divisions and social disturbances.”

The IT Minister in his communication to Zuckerberg famous that there had been “multiple instances” the place Facebook was utilized by “anarchic and radical” parts however no significant motion towards them has been taken.

“I would like to point out that there have also been multiple instances recently where Facebook has been used by anarchic and radical elements whose sole aim is to destroy social order, to recruit people and to assemble them for violence. However, we are yet to see any meaningful action against such elements,” he mentioned.

The Minister went on so as to add: “Facebook has been a novel experiment in democratising the expression of people and giving a platform to millions of ordinary citizens to freely express their views, connect, build communities, associate and communicate. I hope that you are cognizant that this experiment should not be allowed to be hijacked by a vested lobby that abhors free speech and tries to enforce one world view and rejects diversity.”

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