Rahul banks on change of hearts: ‘I’m affected person, sometime individuals will realise’

Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service
New Delhi, October 6

Signs that Rahul Gandhi is geared for a long political haul in the face of the aggressive ruling BJP were palpable on Tuesday morning when he addressed the press at Patiala’s Circuit House.

“I am a patient person,” said Gandhi when asked why the opposition appeared weak in articulating its resistance to the BJP.

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The former Congress chief said someday people will realise what Prime Minister Narendra Modi stood for.

“All the PM cares about is image. Some day the youth will realise who the PM is waiving at inside the Atal to tunnel, while the youth who is watching the PM has no food on the table,” said Gandhi.

He went on to allege that the BJP had captured the “soul of India.“

“Even in the weakest country the media would have made a noise about one country taking away land. Media is captured here. In UP, Administration is attacking the family. All this is the result of a complete and forcible capture of the soul of the country. That’s what we are fighting. This fight will become more and more aggressive,” Gandhi said, attributing the opposition frailties to alleged capitulation of India’s independent institutions.

Gandhi, who has in the past also spoken of politics being a long battle, has often faced dissection in politics circles for not showing a killer instinct.

Gandhi indicated he was ready to persevere for his ‘anti-Modi’ causes, putting his hope in people and believing that people will some day understand what the PM stands for.

Gandhi has been expressing solidarity with farmers against the contentious new farm laws in Punjab and with the family of Hathras assault victim who was cremated by stealth at night by cops the day she died of grievous injuries sustained on September 14.

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