LAC dispute Chinese design to assault PM’s ‘chhappan inch’ picture: Rahul Gandhi

Tribune News Service
New Delhi, July 20

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Monday stated the LAC standoff in Ladakh was not merely a border difficulty however a Chinese try to undermine Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “chhappan inch image”.

In one other video attacking the federal government for the Chinese intrusions into India, Gandhi stated, “LAC standoff shouldn’t be merely a border difficulty. It is a border difficulty designed to place strain on the Prime Minister of India. And they (China) are pondering of placing strain in a really explicit method. And what they’re doing, is that they’re attacking his picture. They perceive that to ensure that Mr Narendra Modi to be an efficient politician; to ensure that Mr Narendra Modi to outlive as a politician, he has to guard the concept of ‘Chhapan Inch’.”

Gandhi stated the “real idea” behind the Chinese aggression is to inform PM Modi that if he didn’t do what they are saying, they’ll destroy the concept of Mr Modi as a powerful chief.

“Now the query is, how will Mr Narendra Modi react. Will he take them on? Will he tackle the problem and say completely not, I’m the Prime Minister of India. I don’t care about my picture, I’m going to take you on. Or will he succumb to them?“ requested Gandhi.

He alleged that thus far the Prime Minister has succumbed.

“The worry I have is, the Chinese are sitting in our territory today and the Prime Minister has said publicly that they are not, which to me tells me that he is worried about his image and he is defending his image. And if he allows the Chinese to understand that they can manipulate him because of his image, the Indian Prime Minister will no longer be worth anything for India,” Gandhi stated.

The former Congress president additionally stated Chinese don’t do something with out eager about it strategically.

“In their mind, they have mapped out the world and they are trying to shape the world. That’s the scale of what they are doing. That’s what Gwadar is, that is what Belt and Road is. It is a restructuring of the planet. So when you’re thinking about the Chinese you have to understand that, that’s the level at which they are thinking,” Congress chief stated.

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