Great Indian ‘jugaad’

Lt Gen Harwant Singh (Retd)

The phrase ‘jugaad’ usually conveys a considerably advert hoc and ingenious effort to make faulty equipment or every other endeavor shifting once more, or muddle alongside. While this mode and technique of setting proper something faulty could also be in use, to some extent, elsewhere on the planet, it’s universally adopted in India.

Many Indians lean closely on ‘jugaad’, and although it’s largely seen as a capability to innovate and improvise, there are those that really feel ‘such shoddiness’, as they put it, harms high quality management in the long term.

During Exercise Brass Tacks, I because the defending commander had a frontage of 120 km to cowl and the opposing pressure had 15 armoured regiments (675 tanks). To block such a big pressure, apart from a lot else, I required the entrance to be lined with anti-tank mines. To lay mines manually on a frontage as massive as that was not possible. One required mechanical minelayers and the Army had none.

Prior to the train, we have been coaching in Rajasthan, the place I noticed unusually massive farm equipment mendacity for restore at a workshop. I requested the mechanic if he may fabricate mine-laying gear for us. I defined to him that anti-tank mines could be carried in a big automobile from the place the mine could be manually lowered right into a “shoot” and these ought to land within the deep furrow. The identical could be lined with earth dug out of the furrow.

The fabricated gear could be fitted under a jeep trailer, which might be towed by this massive automobile. He appeared to completely perceive the requirement. A dummy mine and a jeep trailer have been left with him.

In 4 days flat, his fabrication was prepared. He had additionally made a provision to regulate the gear for sandy, arduous and semi-hard floor. The trailer with the contraption underneath it was hooked up to a Tatra automobile. The gear laid the mines completely nicely.

Army Chief General Sundarji was requested to see the gear. He got here with Arun Singh, then Deputy Defence Minister. Both, in flip, sat within the jeep trailer to see as to how the gear labored. It was certainly a humorous sight to see them lean over to have a look at the mine-laying course of. Developing a mechanical minelayer by a wayside mechanic was certainly a exceptional achievement and a part of the nice Indian ‘jugaad’.

This does set up the easy proven fact that there isn’t any dearth of innovation and expertise in India. What is required is to impart the proper technical schooling, encouragement and creation of applicable services for ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.

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