For LAC build-up, China gave 5 differing explanations: MEA

New Delhi, December 9

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Wednesday said China had given India “five differing explanations” for deploying well-equipped security personnel in large numbers at the LAC. The minister, however, did not reveal India’s position on disengagement and restoration of the May status quo by limiting himself to mentioning multiple layers of communication with China.

“Communication is not the issue. The issue is that we have agreements and those agreements are not being observed,” said Jaishankar when asked how New Delhi is dealing with the LAC stand-off. The minister was speaking at a webinar with Australia-based Lowy Institute, chaired by its Executive Director Michael Fullilove.

Jaishankar reiterated his statements such as terming the relationship as at its “most difficult phase” and the violation of bilateral pacts by China as having “significantly damaged” bilateral ties. He did not elaborate on the five “different” explanations from the Chinese side.

Asked about some perceptions of India moving in an illiberal direction, Jaishankar questioned their motives and understanding of the new political regime in Delhi, besides terming them elitist. Mentioning London-based The Economist, he said for the past few years their political bias was evident.

“Those in the West are not able to come to the terms with the ‘deepening of democracy’ in India. They are getting this type of analysis as they are not ‘those’ (the earlier) people. Their (the current regime) social habits are different. It is an elitist problem,” he said. — TNS

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