Farm payments: Chidambaram says PM distorting Congress manifesto promise

Aditi Tandon

Tribune News Service

New Delhi, Sept 19

A day after the BJP accused the Congress of hypocrisy by proposing one factor when in energy and resisting the identical when in opposition, the Congress fielded veteran P Chidambaram to launch a counter-narrative on the farm payments.

Chidambaram on Saturday alleged that the Prime Minister and the BJP spokespersons had intentionally and maliciously distorted the Congress manifesto noting “a little knowledge is dangerous”.

Appealing to the bigger opposition to stop the passage of the agriculture-related payments within the current type, Chidambaram mentioned the Congress manifesto promised to advertise Farmers Producer Companies/Organisations to allow farmers to entry inputs, know-how and markets; set up farmers’ markets with sufficient infrastructure and help in massive villages and small cities to allow the farmer to carry their produce and freely market the identical.

“Farmers need multiple accessible markets and choice. The Congress’s proposals would have given them that. Once that is accomplished, the Congress manifesto promise on repealing the APMC Act and making trade in agricultural produce free would be a natural sequel in course of time. While our promise is clear, the Modi government has surrendered to the corporates and traders,” mentioned the ex-finance minister.

He mentioned the 2 Farm Bills the Lok Sabha handed don’t include the clause that the worth that the farmer will get from the non-public purchaser shall not be lower than the MSP.

“Why is such a clause absent? The Bills undermine the one regulated market obtainable to the farmer right now, with out creating 1000’s of different markets that might be accessible to the farmer. The Bills assume perversely that the farmer and the non-public purchaser

have equal bargaining energy. They don’t. The small farmer might be on the mercy of the non-public purchaser. If a dispute arises between the farmer and the non-public purchaser, the equipment beneath the Bills is so bureaucratic and convoluted that no farmer could have the power or the sources to combat the purchaser. The small and medium farmer might be ruined,” warned Chidambaram.

He mentioned the Bills undermined the three pillars of our meals safety system—MSP, public procurement and PDS.

Suspended Congress spokesman Sanjay Jha needles social gathering

Sanjay Jha, suspended from the Congress, needled his personal social gathering saying the Congress had promised abolition of the Agricultural Produce Marketing Act. He tweeted, “Dear Fellow Congress-people, One must oppose PM Modi whenever justified; that’s par for the course. But let’s not make it a mindless obsession. On #APMC, there is a simple test: Does not APMC abolition end monopoly/cartels & so boost farmer’s income? If YES, back the bills.”

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