Facebook publish on Shiv Batalvi’s love affair triggers debate

Vishav Bharti

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 8

A Facebook publish about Shiv Kumar Batalvi’s alleged love affair with Anusuya Singh, writer-publisher Gurbaksh Singh Preetlari’s youngest daughter who handed away at Merida in Venezuela on Sunday, has triggered a debate. She was 84. 

A publish made concerning alleged love affair between Anusuya and Shiv on Facebook web page ‘Kitab Trinjan’ has opened a number of lesser-known pages from the poet’s life. Even throughout her final go to to India, Anusuya had visited Shiv Kumar’s household in Patiala.

The social media publish claimed that she was poet’s old flame. “Anusuya had a love affair with Shiv Kumar, as claimed by the poet, and that her father did not approve of it. Though it has always been denied by some members of her family as more of a myth created by the poet.”

Her household, nonetheless, stands divided over the narrative. Wife of Anusuya’s nephew, Poonam Singh who now could be the editor of journal ‘Preetlari’ denied that Gurbaksh Singh ever opposed the wedding between Shiv and Anusuya. “Anu had spoken to me at length about all things. The first point is that she (Anusuya) was asked by her father if she wished to marry Shiv, to which she said no. After that he told her that then she must go and study. Anu told me she could not see herself as a wife to him. She was not even twenty when her first husband committed suicide.”

Poonam added until the final day that she may bodily, she made it some extent to have a look at a star she mentioned was for Shiv, and in her final go to to India she requested us to accompany her to fulfill Shiv’s household which was then in Patiala. 

“She gave me all other details too about the passion, about which I shall only say in her defence that she was a passionate person. As many men can be too. Why a woman has to be punished for eternity and more? No, Shiv did not create a myth, but should have been more sporting perhaps… definitely he was hurt and felt sad.”

Poonam wrote that Gurbaksh Singh Preetlari at all times stood by all his daughters. “Even the eldest confided something to myself… in an informal manner. He may not have wanted the eldest to get married to a Muslim and be parted from India… it may be true. But there were other things too. And Gurbaksh Singh Preetlari’s daughter Protima married a Hindu Bengali Communist and his daughter Urmila married Com Jagjit Singh Anand, also a love marriage and it was inter-caste.” 

Kitab Trinjan’s touch upon Gurbaksh Singh Preetlari’s opposition to the affair, Sukirat Anand, nephew of Anusuya (her elder sister Urmila’s son), referred to as that half tendentious at greatest, in truth “salacious in nature”.

“She did not have a “passionate” affair with Shiv, it was extra a fantasy created by Shiv. And I say this with some authority as in 2003 I had an extended chat together with her about it. I’ve no purpose to doubt her model as she was at all times a frank individual with Western sensibilities,” he mentioned.

Anand added that Anusuya’s first marriage was not organized. She had a love marriage.

Shiv’s son Meherban Batalvi, who relies in Canada, additionally rejected the story. While speaking to The Tribune over cellphone, he confirmed that Anusuya had visited the household a couple of years again. “But she also said theories of her affair with my father were all people’s wild imagination,” he mentioned.    

Taught English in Venezuela

Most of her life, Anusuya taught English at Merida University in Venezuela. She was from the primary batch of the Patrice Lumumba People’s Friendship University of Russia (PFU) in 1960. The PFU was established in 1960 to supply greater training to Third World college students. In college, she fell in love with Raul Jesus Estevez Laprea, who was then finding out physics. In 1965, they moved to Venezuela. Both taught at Merida University. 


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