Exams cancelled at Bathinda college after hackers entry query financial institution

Sameer Singh
Tribune News Service
Bathinda, July 10

The examinations of Central University of Punjab (CUP), Bathinda, have been cancelled for 13 topics after its on-line query financial institution was compromised.

Notably, in wake of COVID-19, for the comfort of its college students, the central varsity has gone for on-line mode of examination for the present tutorial session.

But hackers sensing a possibility, attacked the cyber safety system utilized by the varsity to conduct on-line examination and accessed the query financial institution.   

Talking to The Tribune, Vice-Chancellor, CUP, Bathinda, Professor RK Kohli stated, “As many as 13 exams had to be cancelled after online examination system was found compromised. We have asked the faculty members to work out modalities to reschedule dates of the exams for these subjects.”

Prior to this, the varsity used to conduct exams by utilizing intranet within the campus itself however owing to COVID-19 this 12 months, college students and academics have been at their properties and for his or her comfort, the varsity had opted for conducting on-line exams for the present tutorial session.

And to that impact, it had additionally performed two profitable mock exams to test the effectivity of the brand new on-line platform.

Professor Kohli added, “I received an email from unknown person wherein it was mentioned that the question bank used by the varsity to conduct online exams was hacked. The email was sent from ProtonMail which is an end-to-end encrypted (identity of the sender is not revealed) and paid email service. In the mail a link was also given, clicking on which gave access to all the questions.”

“Upon checking we found that some students have scored exceptionally well, and secured 90 and even 95 marks in the exams who had earlier scored quite less marks. And majority of these students are from Kerala. We have registered a complaint with police and an internal enquiry would also be conducted at varsity level. Since it is related to hacking, we would also take help from experts. Our cyber security walls are very strong and no one can easily break through them but its either someone working in the varsity or from outside but in either case, the culprits would not be spared. I am grateful to the unknown person who has blown the whistle in the matter by sending email at the right time that prevented other students from academic injustice,” added Kohli.


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