Ex-girlfriend chops hair, pours tremendous glue into eyes of boyfriend’s bride in Bihar

Patna, December 2

There’s no fury greater on earth than woman scorned.

Angry over her lover choosing another for his wife, a girl in Bihar’s Nalanda district poured Fevi kwik, a super glue, into the eyes of the new bride after chopping off her hair.

The incident was reported late Tuesday, Mohamad Shibli Nomani, Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) of Bihar Sarif confirmed the incident.

The girl was angry over the marriage of her boyfriend Gopal Ram.

The wedding was in adjoining Shekhpura district on December 1.

After the marriage ceremony, Gopal Ram returned to his Mora Talab village with wife and other relatives in tow, the officer from Bhagan Bigha police station said.

The jilted lover, who was also a friend of Gopal Ram’s sister, managed a friendly entry into the house.

With most of the family members tired and falling asleep, she entered into the bedroom and chopped off the hair of the newly wed girl, then poured Fevi kwik into her eyes.

The victim screamed in pain that awakened the other family members. They managed to catch the girl as she was trying to escape.

She was beaten up and held hostage through the night.

When police reached at the spot, they handed her over.

“The victim is currently admitted in Sadar hospital in Bihar Sharif with severe burn injury. She could lose her eye sight. Her condition is stable at the moment,” an official said.

Following the incident, situation remained tense in the village.

Police is camping there to restore normalcy. IANS

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