BJP’s Khushbu Sundar meets with accident in Tamil Nadu; actor claims ‘automotive was in proper lane’

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Chandigarh, November 18

Actor-turned-politician Khushbu Sundar, who joined the BJP last month, allegedly met with an accident in Tamil Nadu on Wednesday morning.

Sharing two badly damaged photos of her vehicle, the actor talked about the incident on the microblogging website.  

“Met with an accident near Melmarvathur..a tanker rammed into us. With your blessings and God’s grace I am safe. Will continue my journey towards Cuddalore to participate in #VelYaatrai #Police are investigating the case. #LordMurugan has saved us. My husband’s trust in him is seen” read Sundar’s post. 

In another tweet, Sundar informed, that a container allegedly rammed into the vehicle. She added, that her “car was on the move and in the right lane”.

“Request the press to understand that a container rammed into me and not the other way. My car was on the move in the right lane and this container came from nowhere and rammed into me. Police are investigating n questioning the driver to rule out any foul play,” she wrote. 

Thanking for all the good health and wishes, Sundar said, that she felt indebted. 

“Thank you so much for all the inquiries n good wishes. I feel indebted. I am safe n continuing my journey towards Cuddalore. Nothing has stopped me before this, nothing will stop me now either. Zindagi har kadam ek nayi Jung hai. Jeet jaayenge hum tu agar sang hai #VelYaatrai,” she concluded.

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