Award ceremony of autumn term-2020 held at IMA

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Chandigarh, December 9

The awards ceremony of Autumn Term – 2020, comprising the 147th Regular Course and 130th Technical Graduate Course, was held at the Indian Military academy, Dehradun on Wednesday, where cadets were felicitated for their achievements in various fields during their pre-commission training.

These courses will formally pass out from the academy on December 12.

Addressing the cadets, Lt Gen Harinder Singh, Commandant IMA, said the country demands willing, unhesitating, unfaltering obedience and loyalty from each young officer. He said leadership is composite of a number of qualities, among the most important of which are self-confidence, moral ascendancy, self-sacrifice, fairness, initiative, decision, dignity and courage.

The Commandant said it is important for an officer to maintain a competitive streak within the parameters of sportsmanship and fair play at all times. He mentioned that the urge to win and excel as a team should always be there. In the profession of arms, it is always a collective and a team effort that is important as there are no runners up in war.

The training imparted at IMA is designed to provide a comprehensive knowledge of military fundamentals and leadership, as well as proficiency in basic military skills. It aims to develop the qualities of character, intellect, fitness and competence needed by future ready officers who at all times in their career must be prepared to lead.

While the COVID-19 outbreak disrupted training in most educational institutes in the world, IMA implemented an effective action plan by integrating all preventive guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health, Army Headquarters and the Army Training Command.  A healthy routine was evolved for the cadets and staff and it was ensured that there was no dilution in training standards.

Out of a total of 18 individual medals and trophies awarded for the top position in various categories today, Academy Under Officer Majji Giridhar, Academy Cadet Adjutant Watandeep Singh Sidhu and Battalion Under Officer Ashish Kumar received three awards each.

Giridhar received the Brigade of The Guards Medal for being best in service subjects, Jat Regiment Silver Medal for being best in officer-like Qualities and the Sikh Light Infantry Silver Medal for being best in turnout and drill.

Sidhu got the Parachute Regiment Medal for being best in endurance and physical toughness, Maratha Light Infantry Medal for being best in PT and the Rajputana Rifles Medal for being best in tactical ability.

Kumar received the 9 Gorkha Rifles Medal for standing first in military studies, the Corps of Signals for standing first in Science and Warfare and Rajput Regiment Silver Medal for being best in Academics.

The Commandant’s Banner for standing overall first in inter-battalion championships went to the Bhagat Battalion.

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