After struggle with spouse, drunk man in Karnal throws their Three kids into canal

Tribune News Service

Karnal, November 24

In a shocking incident, a man allegedly threw his three children into a canal near Kulvehri village on Monday night after he had a fight with his wife.

The children were identified as Shiv (8), Jhanvi (5), and Dev (3).

Police have started a rescue operation, but the bodies are yet to be retrieved.

Sushil Kumar, a resident of Nalipar village, was arrested and has confessed to the crime.

The residents of Nalipar village said that Sushil, a juice vendor, was alcoholic, which was the reason behind arguments with wife Baby.

On Monday, too, the two exchanged words over his addiction, following which he took away the children on a bike.

The neighbours tried to chase him, but were not successful. On hearing the children crying near the canal, farmers working in the fields nearby tried to stop him, but he threw them into the canal, said the residents.

After committing the crime, he came home and informed the family before fleeing the place.

Residents of the nearby villages are helping the police trace the bodies.

Kunjpura SHO Munish Kumar said they were trying to trace the bodies with the help of divers.

“We have launched a rescue operation to trace the children. Apart from taking help of divers, we have requested reduction of the water level,” he added.

After the incident, a pall of gloom descended on the house. “I never imagined he would kill his own children in this manner,” said an inconsolable grandfather of the kids.

He demanded death penalty for his son.

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