Your starsign could possibly be flawed! NASA introduces 13th zodiac signal

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Chandigarh, July 16

The information of NASA altering everybody’s starsigns has left everybody in a state of panic. 

A report by a NASA weblog claims that there 13 zodiac indicators, not 12. The further signal—referred to as Ophiuchus—is supposedly the horoscope for these born between November 19 and December 17.  

As a constellation Ophiuchus is a snake bearer, and he’s mentioned to have been the primary physician. If Ophiuchus was in use as an official star signal, it could change the dates for horoscopes for the remainder of the 12 months.

This means some folks would possibly discover their birthday fell beneath a distinct signal.

What is my star signal?

Ophiuchus just isn’t an official signal of the zodiac, so your star signal has not modified.

However, if it have been included, these could be the dates:

          Starsigns            Time Period 
           Capricorn      January 20 to February 16
           Aquarius     February 16 to March 11
           Pisces     March 11 to April 18
           Aries     April 18 to May 13
           Taurus     May 13 to June 21
           Gemini     June 21 to July 20
           Cancer      July 20 to August 10 
           Leo       August 10 to September 16
           Virgo     September 16 to October 30
           Libra     October 30 to November 23
          Scorpio    November 23 to November 29
     Ophiuchus     November 29 to December 17
     Sagittarius    December 17 to January 20

In a 2016 weblog submit, NASA defined how the traditional Babylonians divided the zodiac into 12 equal components, selecting one constellation for every. 

But there have been really 13 constellations within the zodiac, in order that they selected one – Ophiuchus – to depart out.

In a report by the Independent, a number of articles claimed that Nasa “created” Ophiuchus, nevertheless it was and is a constellation that was within the sky when the present system of the zodiac was made, and all Nasa did was level that out.

People can persist with their present starsign, or decide to make use of their supposedly newly calculated one – the one factor that actually issues is that the astrologers who then use these starsigns are utilizing the identical system.

If everybody switched to the extra modern system – of 13 starsigns and completely different dates – then it may feasibly be mentioned that individuals have been given a brand new starsign. 

But that doesn’t seem like taking place. 

But it’s not in Nasa’s energy to alter the starsigns, even when it needed to. And it nearly actually would not need to: the house company has been disparaging of astrology, even in the identical submit that seems to have led to the present furore, in accordance with the Independent.  

“It’s not science,” the submit reads, because it discusses how astrology is completely different from astronomy. 

“No one has shown that astrology can be used to predict the future or describe what people are like based only on their birthdate. Still, like reading fantasy stories, many people enjoy reading their ‘astrological forecast’ or ‘horoscope’ in the newspaper every day.”

That submit has been on Nasa’s web site for years, and was a part of a web page supposed to coach youngsters on the distinction between astronomy and astrology.

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