This app enables you to escape boring Zoom meets with faux audio

New Delhi, March 16

If you get bored of long Zoom meetings on certain days, here comes an app that will create natural sounds like a crying baby, a barking dog, choppy audio, construction noises, echo sounds and more, so that you can escape the meetings with a reasonable excuse.

Called Zoom Escaper, it is a free web widget that lets you add an array of fake audio effects to your Zoom Call.

Created by artist Sam Lavigne, Zoom Escaper is simple to use. 

“All you need do is download a free bit of audio software called VB-Audio that routes your audio through the website, then change your audio input in Zoom from your microphone to VB-Audio, and play with the effects,” reports The Verge.

If Zoom Escaper isn’t enough for you, there’s also Zoom Deleter which is also one of Lavigne’s creations. 

This is a small programme that runs in your menu bar or system tray.

“It continually checks for the presence of Zoom on your computer, and if found, immediately deletes it.” According to him, such apps are meant for “deliberate slowdown, reducing productivity and output, self-sabotage, etc”.

A crying baby can be your best excuse to drop a Zoom call (make sure your colleagues know that you have a baby at home). — IANS

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