Some PlayStation 5 gamers report obtain queue bug

San Francisco, November 14

Some PlayStation 5 owners are reporting issues with their consoles being unable to download games or freezing entirely during rest mode.

According to news portal IGN, the bug can seemingly take two forms, either listing the game/app as Queued for Download, or as having suffered a download error. Both will prompt the user to check the Downloads menu, which then shows nothing.

“Started downloading Cold War on PS5 only to realise there’s a specific PS5 version and I was downloading the PS4 version. Tried to download at the same time and now I can only use the PS4 version as the PS5 version says queued for download 0 per cent,”  a user said in a tweet.

The issue happened with two copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which has also been experiencing a bug that turns PlayStation controllers off. However, it is noted that this also happened with a copy of Godfall.

“Can’t download the PS5 version of Cold War. Simply says “queued for download”. Please help,” said another user.

The only known fix for this issue appears to be a complete factory reset of the PlayStation 5 console. With no way to back up PlayStation 5 games to external storage at the time of writing, this means players are forced to redownload everything all over  again.

Sony is yet to comment on these bugs, but at least these have been caught sooner rather than later. — IANS

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