Google Images for Android rolling out new modifying instruments


Google Photos for Android is now rolling out new “Sharpen” and “Denoise” tools.

After tapping “Edit” on a picture, navigating to Adjust and scrolling to the very end of the carousel will show Sharpen and Denoise.

The new tools slot right in between the existing “Pop” and “Vignette” options. Those additions are marked with a yellow dot, just like when the “HDR” effect launched for Pixel phones and Google One subscribers, 9To5Google reported.

Both feature increments ranging from 0 to 100, while functionality is otherwise in line with other image editing apps.

Sharpen works to create a less blurry image, while Denoise often works to remove background grain. When applied to the max, the effect is very apparent and not too accurate in very brief testing.

The Sharpen and Denoise tools in Google Photos for Android are still in the process of rolling out via a server-side update, the report said.

—     IANS

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