Bengaluru start-up launches battery for EV that may be charged in lower than 15 minutes

Bengaluru, March 2

Bengaluru-headquartered deep-tech start-up Log 9 Materials on Tuesday announced the launch of a rapid charging battery technology for electric vehicles capable of fully charging the batteries used in 2-wheeler and 3-wheeler EVs within 15 minutes.

Log 9’s team has utilised its collective expertise and know-how vis-a-vis supercapacitor technology and ‘Graphene’ to develop this battery, the nano technology company specialising in Graphene said in a statement.

These battery packs cannot only be fully charged in less than 15 minutes (hence increasing the uptime for electric vehicles), but also last for 15-plus years (thus significantly lowering battery cost/km), it said.

“Furthermore, these battery packs offer up to 5x power (resulting in increased load bearing capacity and acceleration) and are five times safer in terms of fire- resistance and impact-resistance, when compared to the popular Lithium-Ion batteries that are being used widely at present,” the statement added.

By the end of FY 22, the start-up, incubated from IIT-Roorkee, plans to deploy its battery packs in over 3000 vehicles (both 2W and 3W vehicles); and thereafter by FY 23, its target is to deploy in over 20,000 vehicles across India, it was stated. PTI

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