Submit-cricket void added to Johnson’s melancholy

Sydney, October 27

Former Australia fast bowler Mitchell Johnson has said that his struggles with depression became more difficult after he retired from cricket two years ago.

“Through my cricket career I actually just dealt with it (depression), it’s just about me now actually moving forward and taking it upon myself to be active with certain things, to keep my mind going,” Johnson said in an interview. “I’ve found it tougher since retiring from cricket. All of a sudden, you’re not doing as much. You sort of lose your purpose a little bit,” he added.

Johnson, who took 313 wickets in 73 Tests, retired from Test cricket in 2015 but continued to play for three more years in T20 leagues. “I struggle with, probably, confidence at times. I’m in that transition now where I’ve been out of playing cricket for about two years,” the 38-year-old said. “…I think the depression was something I’ve had even from a younger age. It (cricket) sort of blocked things out in a way.” — PTI

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