Smith almost missed 2nd ODI as a consequence of vertigo

Sydney, November 30

Australian run-machine Steve Smith nearly missed the second ODI against India on Sunday due to a bout of vertigo. Smith said a team doctor put him through his paces to see if he was fit to take the field.

“I didn’t know I was playing…” Smith told the Cricket Australia website. “I had a really bad dose of vertigo this morning and I was struggling until… I came down early to have a hit and a bit of a run around. The doctor, I think he performed six Epley manoeuvres on me… And got the crystals out of my ears and I was struggling for a bit.”

There was no sign Smith was in any discomfort when he batted, reaching 100 with 62 balls for the second straight match as Australia romped to victory.

“Just pleased to be able to get out here and play another good innings and help the team,” Smith said.

Smith could have reached 100 off one ball fewer but batting partner Marnus Labuschagne slipped at the striker’s end and they decided against a second run. “The boys were asking me was I batting in my runners out there?” said Labuschagne. “I’ll have to get rid of those shoes and get a brand new set… For next game.” Reuters

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