Pitch good, we’re nonetheless hopeful, says Ravichandran Ashwin

Sydney, January 10

Ravichandran Ashwin reckons that the wicket has eased considerably and backed two of India’s finest exponents of Test match batting, Ajinkya Rahane and Cheteshwar Pujara, to come good in a pressure situation.

“The pitch has been quite slow, and it has been good to bat on. In fact, the balls that we saw misbehave yesterday, the ones that went up and down, has also kind of come down because of the slow nature of the pitch,” Ashwin said.

The pitch has now been baked in sunshine, which wasn’t the case on the first day. “I also think the roller is playing a role. And because the game started off with the pitch not seeing a lot of sun, the wicket is getting better to bat as the sun is belting down on it,” he added. “As a team, behind in the game, like we are, we are hopeful we can put a good performance in the first session tomorrow.”

The first session on Day Five will be crucial. “It is very, very important that we play a good first session tomorrow,” Ashwin said. “These two gentlemen out in the middle have proven through their career how good they are playing this format of the game and playing many good knocks for us.” — PTI

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