Pat Cummins chips in with $50Okay donation

New Delhi, April 26

Australian fast bowler Pat Cummins has donated $50,000 to the PM CARES Fund, “specifically to purchase oxygen supplies for India’s hospitals”.

Cummins, who was bought for Rs 15 crore by Kolkata Knight Riders at the IPL auction, expressed the hope that his donation would make a difference in India’s fight against the virus.

“As players, we are privileged to have the platform that allows us to reach millions of people that we can use for good. With that in mind, I have made a contribution to the PM CARES Fund, specifically to purchase oxygen supplies for India’s hospitals,” Cummins stated on Twitter.

“There has been a lot of discussion over here as to whether it is appropriate for the IPL to continue while Covid-19 infection rates remain high,” he added. “I am advised that Indian government is of the view that playing the IPL while the population is in lockdown provides few hours of joy and respite each day at an otherwise difficult time for the country.”

“To know so many are suffering so much at this time saddens me greatly,” he said. “At times like these, it is easy to feel helpless. I’ve certainly felt that of late. But I hope by making this public appeal we can all channel our emotion into action that will bring light into people’s lives. I know my donation isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but I hope it will make a difference to someone.”

“I encourage my fellow IPL players — and anyone else around the world who has been touched by India’s passion and generosity — to contribute. I will kick it off with USD 50,000,” Cummins said.

India recorded over 3.53 lakh new Covid cases on Monday, the highest across the world since the pandemic began last year.

Cummins described India as a country “I have come to love dearly over the years and the people here are some of the warmest and kindest I’ve ever met.” — TNS

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