My character represents new India: Kohli

Adelaide: Virat Kohli today declared that he’s a “representation of new India” — and not “the most Australian non-Australian cricketer of all time”, as former Australian captain Greg Chappell called him a few days ago. Kohli today was asked about his aggressive cricket and fighting attitude, which reminded Chappell of the attitude of Australian cricketers. “I would like to say that I have always been myself,” Kohli said in a virtual media conference. “The way my personality and character is, I am the representation of new India. For me, that’s how I look at it. In my mind, it’s not (about) being compared to the Australian mindset as such. It’s how we have started to stand up as the Indian cricket team and my personality has been like this from day one” he added. The new India, according to Kohli, is not afraid to take up challenges. “The new India takes up challenges and is filled with optimism and positivity. We make sure that we are ready for any challenges that come our way,” he said. Agencies

No unnecessary tension: Kohli

This year has also made people realise a lot of things that might not have been necessary in the past, where you hold grudges or you have unnecessary tension between teams or individuals, is absolutely pointless… Everyone is just grateful for the opportunity to be back on the field.

It’s not like the games haven’t been as intense or as competitive, it’s just the unnecessary stuff that has been filtered out and I feel like there’s much more respect between the sides.

You’re still going to be professional and make sure you’re positive and aggressive in your body language and the way you go about things on the field.

There’s going to be tension, there’s going to be stress, there’s going to be emotions flaring now and then. But I don’t foresee anything getting personal any more. And all of us getting smarter and a few more years into our careers, so we’re going to make better choices. Virat Kohli

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