If one thing just isn’t finished quickly, you will notice smaller international locations taking part in much less: Jason Holder

Manchester, July 29

West Indies captain Jason Holder feels “relevant” authorities want to make sure that smaller groups get to play common worldwide cricket as in a world scarred by COVID-19, solely India, Australia and England have the sources to stage video games in bio-secure bubbles.

The cricketing fraternity has lauded the West Indies’ choice to tour England amid the pandemic. The three Test-series, which England received 2-1 on Tuesday, marked resumption of worldwide cricket.

The sequence was performed in a bio-secure atmosphere growing organisational prices considerably and Holder mentioned groups just like the West Indies are more likely to battle to create an identical atmosphere.

“If something doesn’t happen soon, we’ll see less international cricket being played by smaller countries because we simply can’t afford it. We’ve gone from having four, five-match series, down to two and three,” Holder mentioned after the conclusion of the third Test right here.

“And it’s very difficult to host any more than that for us, particularly the Caribbean. So yeah, it is a serious dilemma that we’re faced with. I think the relevant personnel really need to sit down and have a look at it,” he added.

The West Indies have been confined to only two venues—Manchester and Southampton—throughout the eight-week tour. Both groups stayed on web site.

Holder hopes that England too will reciprocate their gesture and tour the Caribbean quickly.

“We only really make money from England, and I think India. We break even with Pakistan and Australia, and all the rest of the series we play are losses. But in these trying times only England, Australia and India can probably host cricket,” he mentioned.

“Outside of that, the smaller territories are struggling financially to get cricket on…if there’s an opportunity for England to come over to the Caribbean before the end of the year, I’m sure that would help significantly for Cricket West Indies’ financial records.”           

The West Indies gamers and workers have needed to take pay cuts as a result of monetary affect of COVID-19 on their board.

“It’s been a tough couple of years in West Indies cricket financially. We’ve pretty much had to take a pay cut, so if it’s possible to host a tour before the end of 2020, it would probably keep us afloat as an organisation,” Holder mentioned when requested concerning the present state of affairs.

Despite the challenges posed by this tour, Holder mentioned it was pleasurable.

“I’ve completely loved the expertise. It’s the primary time I’ve had the chance to mingle with, kind of, the A-team gamers, as a result of I haven’t performed a lot first-class cricket within the final couple of years.

“I’m not sure right now if Cricket West Indies could afford to have an academy, or something similar to Loughborough here in England, but that is definitely something that would help CWI,” he added. PTI

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