Delhi & Districts Cricket Affiliation elections cancelled

New Delhi, October 10

The Delhi & Districts Cricket Association’s (DDCA) elections, scheduled from October 17 to 20, were cancelled by electoral officer Navin B Chawla on Saturday due to alleged “interference” from general secretary Vinod Tihara.

The decision was taken in the afternoon and Chawla, a former Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) of India issued a notice which effectively means that Rohan Jaitley may have to wait for some time to assume charge.

Jaitley, son of former Finance Minister late Arun Jaitley was set to become the new DDCA president while former BCCI acting president CK Khanna’s wife Shashi was runaway favourite for the treasurer’s post.

“I have been constrained to countermand this election, having received advice from the Ombudsman Justice Deepak Verma, at 1.30 pm today, in view of the wholly irresponsible and illegal actions of the Secretary of the DDCA. All concerned may be informed. Detailed reasons will follow,” Chawla said in his communication to all members.

It is learnt that general secretary Tihara had issued an electoral notice to voter-members seeking to “amend the agenda” of the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of which elections is a part.

Tihara wanted to exclude one of the topics of meeting where current joint secretary Rajan Manchanda had to show that he has support of 51 per cent members in order to retain his office as well as DDCA membership.

This is in reference to the AGM held last year where Tihara and Manchanda famously had engaged in fisticuffs along with their supporters.

However, with Jaitley set to take the DDCA throne, the two warring officials had reportedly buried the hatchet and hence Tihara wanted the amendment.

Chawla in a strongly worded letter written to Tihara alleged interference.

“You have no authority to amend either the agenda or the schedule of the elections as the same now falls squarely in my domain as the Electoral Officer,” Chawla wrote instructing him to withdraw the corrigendum.

“The purported corrigendum which amounts to interference in the process should therefore be withdrawn to avoid confusion,” he had written on October 8.

Repeated calls to Tihara went unanswered.

Manchanda, who is at the centre of controversy, heaved a sigh of relief.

“I am relieved that I will at least get an opportunity to defend myself for last year’s controversy. As far as relationship with Vinod ji is concerned, we have indeed patched up. We all have to work together,” said Manchanda.

Former BCCI acting president Khanna, who has again emerged as a kingmaker in state association with a control of more than 1,400 votes, seemed disappointed.

“Whatever has happened is really unfortunate,” he said. PTI

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