Closing warning, says Ashwin after sparing Finch

Dubai, October 6

Ravichandran Ashwin of Delhi Capitals has issued a ‘Mankading’ warning after sparing Aaron Finch of Royal Challengers Bangalore in their IPL match last night.

Bowling the third ball of the third over of the innings as RCB chased 197, Ashwin did not deliver the ball when he saw that Finch at the non-striker’s end had taken a big start. Ashwin stopped in his tracks and spoke a word of warning to Finch.

Today, however, Ashwin declared that that was the last warning from him to non-strikers trying to take an unfair advantage by starting a run before the ball was bowled. “Let’s make it clear!! First and final warning for 2020. I am making it official and don’t blame me later on…” he wrote on Twitter, adding that Aaron Finch and he “are good buddies by the way”.

Last year, Ashwin was criticised in some quarters after he ran out Jos Buttler in the IPL after the England batsman had backed up too far at the non-striker’s end.

Before this edition of the IPL, Delhi Capitals coach Ricky Ponting said he would not let Ashwin run out batsmen in this manner. Ashwin and Ponting had a discussion on the issue after they arrived in the UAE. Ponting was seen smiling when Ashwin spared

Finch with a warning yesterday. — TNS, agencies

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