You will discover description of Lord Rama and Rama Katha even in Iran and China, says PM

Vibha Sharma
Tribune News Service
New Delhi, August 5

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who on Wednesday carried out the ‘bhumi pujan’ of the long-awaited Ram Temple in Ayodhya and likened the Ram Janmabhoomi’s “centuries of struggle” to India’s Independence motion, additionally had messages for detractors at house and neighbour China. 

Speaking about components of the World the place Lord Rama is honored owing to their religion or previous, the PM stated “you will find description of Lord Rama and Rama Katha even in Iran and China”. 

“I am sure that the people of these countries will also be feeling pleased on the occasion of the beginning of construction of temple of Lord Rama. After all, Lord Rama belongs to all and lives in all,” he stated.

“Many international locations of the World are saluting Lord Rama, their residents imagine themselves to be affiliated to Lord Rama. Indonesia is the nation that has the utmost variety of Muslims on the earth. They are having varied distinctive variations of Ramayana i.e. ‘Kakawin Ramayana’, ‘Swarnadeep Ramayana’, ‘Yogeshwar Ramayana’ similar to our nation. Lord Rama is honored and adored there even right now.

“There are ‘Ramker Ramayana’ in Cambodia, ‘Fra Lak Fra Lam Ramayana’ in Lao, ‘Hikayat Seri Ram’ in Malaysia and ‘Ramaken’ in Thailand. In Sri Lanka, the katha of Ramayana is taught and sung in the name of ‘Janaki Harana’ i.e. abduction of Janaki. Nepal is directly connected to Lord Rama through Mata Janaki,” he stated.  

Speaking in regards to the connection between Lord Rama and completely different components of India and religions, he stated “1000’s of years in the past, Rama who was an inspiration to the traditional India as depicted in Valmiki’s Ramayana, Rama who was inspiring India by way of Tulsi, Kabir and Nanak within the medieval period, the identical Rama was current within the Bapu’s bhajans in the course of the combat for freedom within the type of non-violence and satyagraha. 

“Tulsi’s Rama was with kind (sagun) whereas Nanak and Kabir’s Rama was formless (nirgun).

“Lord Buddha was additionally related to Lord Rama. At the identical time, this metropolis of Ayodhya has additionally been the centre of Jain faith for hundreds of years. This is the ubiquity of Rama, it displays the unity in variety that’s of India.

“In Tamil, we’ve Kamb Ramayana whereas in Telugu we’ve Raghunath and Ranganath Ramayana.

“We have Ruipad-KaterpadiRamayan in Odiya, whereas there’s Kumudendu Ramayana in Kannada. In Kashmir, you can see Ramavatar Charit whereas Ramacharitam in Malayalam.

“In Bangla, we’ve Krittibas Ramayana whereas Guru Gobind Singh has himself written Gobind Ramayana.

“You will find Rama in different forms, in the different Ramayanas, but Ram is present everywhere, Rama is for all. That is why, Rama is the connecting link in India’s ‘unity in diversity’,” the PM stated. 


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