Will guarantee single-slab GST if elected: Rahul in Tamil Nadu

Tribune News Service
New Delhi, January 23

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today wooed medium and small enterprises while launching an election campaign in Coimbatore.

He said the Congress, if elected to power at the Centre, would ensure single-slab goods and services tax (GST). “In the immediate future, our party will pressure the Centre to offer a benign GST in the wake of the Covid-induced strains on the industry,” said the Congress leader.

“The only way India can compete with China and Bangladesh is through micro, medium and small enterprises. While the two countries are doing everything in their capacity to empower the small industry, India is doing everything to weaken it,” said Rahul, accusing the BJP-led Centre of imposing five tax slabs, which he said had been designed to weaken small industries.

He said the GST would have to be restructured and taken back to the Congress idea of ‘one tax, minimum tax’.

He also told the gathering of industry representatives at Coimbatore that the petrol and diesel prices would fall “only when the Congress comes to power and not otherwise”.

Rahul, who later held a roadshow in the city, said the country needed harmony for economic growth. “The current government has created an atmosphere of disharmony, and the demonetisation and GST have devastated the small industry. The pandemic has further destroyed the sector,” he added.

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