Why farm Payments handed sans dialogue: Ex-civil servants

New Delhi, december 11

A group of 78 retired civil servants have written an open letter, saying they support the democratic and Constitutional right of peaceful protest being exercised by farmers.

“It’s time that the ruling dispensation listened carefully to the demands being made and demonstrates its respect for democratic traditions, procedures and practices by engaging in dialogue inside and outside Parliament,” read the letter.

The 78 signatories include IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS and Indian Forest Service officers.

“As a group, we have no affiliation with any political party but believe in being neutral, impartial and committed to the Constitution of India,” said the letter. It avoided discussing the merits and demerits of these laws but focused on the violation of Constitutional provisions and the breakdown of democratic processes in this saga.

Referring to the farmers’ agitation to repeal three new farm-sector laws, the letter stated: “There were no consultations with farmers’ representatives before the legal process. Ordinances were issued during a pandemic.”

Time was not given to debate the Bills and they were railroaded through Parliament. — TNS

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