Violence on Republic Day scripted by BJP to discredit farmers’ motion: AAP

New Delhi, January 30

The AAP on Saturday claimed that the violence that took place during the tractor parade on January 26 was scripted by the BJP with the help of Delhi Police to “defame and discredit” the farmers’ movement.

Addressing a press conference, AAP spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj called BJP leaders the “greatest anti-nationals” and demanded that cases of sedition must be filed against them and probed by the NIA.

An immediate reaction was not available from the BJP.

“Police and BJP together scripted the violence of January 26 and the days after. This script was prepared by the BJP with the help of Delhi Police to defame and discredit the farmers’ movement,” the AAP leader claimed.

He said on January 26, BJP agent Deep Sidhu was allowed by the Delhi police to start his march to enter Delhi much before the farmers.

“On BJP’s instructions, the Delhi police allowed this person to reach and vandalise the Red Fort. The BJP and the Delhi police also allowed this person to hoist a flag of Nishan Sahib at the Red Fort and to create a ruckus,” Bhardwaj claimed.

Tens of thousands of farmers broke barriers to storm the national capital on Tuesday, their tractor parade to highlight their demands dissolving into unprecedented scenes of anarchy as they fought with police, overturned vehicles and delivered a national insult hoisting a religious flag from the ramparts of the Red Fort, a privilege reserved for India’s tricolour.

The AAP leader claimed that “BJP goons” on Saturday attacked the farmers at Singhu and Tikri borders and were not local residents.

“To push their divisive agenda, the BJP set up this script. Immediately after the event, if you see the chronology, you will understand how the events unfolded.          

“Suddenly some people arrive and talk about some Panchayat where a decision was taken to push these protestors out of the borders. I am from Delhi, but I have not heard about any such panchayat from the local people who want the farmers to leave the borders,” he said.

He said,”Yesterday these so-called local people reached the Singhu and Tikri border and assaulted the farmers. The police have barricaded these borders. Despite that how can these people reach the protest venue?” Bhardwaj added. — PTI  

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