US welcomes Indo-Pakistan LoC ceasefire

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New Delhi, February 26

The US State Department has welcomed the joint statement by military commanders of India and Pakistan to maintain strict observance of a ceasefire along the Line of Control (LoC) from February 25.

“We encourage continued efforts to improve communication between the two sides and to reduce tensions and violence along the LoC,” US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said during a media briefing while pointing out that this message had been delivered to both the parties.

While the US condemns terrorists who seek to infiltrate across the LoC, it supported direct dialogue between India and Pakistan on Kashmir and other issues of concern, he added. This position is at variance with India’s current stand that terror and talks cannot go together.

Price described Pakistan as an important partner with “whom we share many interests”.

“We have been clear in terms of this issue. Obviously, Pakistan has an important role to play when it comes to Afghanistan and what takes place across its other border. So clearly we will be paying close attention, and we urge the Pakistanis to play a constructive role in all of these areas of mutual interest, including in Afghanistan, including with Kashmir, including with our other shared interests,” he observed.

Price had been asked how Biden’s warm relationship with Pakistan, when he was Vice President, portended for his policy towards Pakistan now that he’s President and how that would interplay with his relationship with India. In his answer, Price skipped the part about India.

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