UP’s Hathras affidavit cites NYPD, black males, San Diego; Oppn needs CM dismissed

Aditi Tandon

Tribune News Service

New Delhi, October 6

The mention of “black men, NYPD, San Diego” among a range of American protest references in UP’s Hathras affidavit today gave the opposition fresh fodder to seek the dismissal of Chief Ninister Yogi Adityanath for attempting a “cover-up”.

After the state government swore on oath to the Supreme Court that the Hathras victim was “not raped” and was “cremated with full rituals after convincing her family”, Mahila Congress president Sushmita Dev accused the state of falsifying facts and said the CM should be dismissed forthwith to ensure a fair probe.

The Congress also questioned the UP administration’s claim that the girl who died on September 29 after a grievous attack on September 14 was “not raped” with Dev noting that the victim’s statement that she was gang-raped was legally enough to prosecute the perpetrators.

A specific challenge the opposition posed to the UP administration related to queer and copious references in the affidavit to materials that appeared lifted from the American “Black Lives Matter movement.”

Among annexures of the affidavit are protest literature allegedly used by “comrades” to incite riots and to guide protesters on what to do.

This part of the state’s affidavit features statements like, “If you see black people running run with them…For protection use goggles, ski masks or swimming ones…Boil water with laurel leaves, the kind you use to cook until water turns brown and apply on nose for protection; If you decide to go protesting please do your research on whether the kind of riot you are attending is a set up or not, several (San Diego and Phoenix for example) have been debunked as white supremacists trying to lure in people. It has also been exposed that the NYPD will film at every rally and protest. Stay aware and stay safe.”

Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate today termed the affidavit “fabricated” and a poor “cut and paste job from the Black Lives Matter literature”.

Another statement attributed as protestor literature in the affidavit reads, “Throw a hat and bend the brim to keep it low.”

“Who wears hats in UP? Who uses ski masks? As far as we know NYPD is an American force and San Diego is in the US not in UP!” Shrinate said.

UP’s affidavit says the victim was cremated in the wee hours of September 30 to avoid a law and order situation in the village in the morning.

“There was intelligence regarding the presence of massive crowds in the village on September 30 and the administration took the decision to convince the family to cremate the body with full religious rituals at night. Once the post-mortem was done by Safdarjung Hospital Delhi there could be no bad intention on anyone’s part to expedite the cremation except to obviate a potential violent situation resulting from planned caste divide by certain vested interests,” the state said about the cremation.


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