Stringent assessments required to be handed now to get driving licence: Gadkari

New Delhi, March 25

Those seeking driving licences are now required to pass a set of stringent skill tests that include reversing a vehicle with reasonable accuracy to qualify for it, Parliament was informed on Thursday.

Also, passing percentage in order to be eligible to get a driving licence in all regional transport offices (RTOs) has been fixed at 69 per cent, Road Transport, Highways and MSMEs Minister Nitin Gadkari told Lok Sabha in a written reply.

“In the case of vehicle having a reverse gear, driving the vehicle backwards, reverse it into a limited opening either to the right or left under control and with reasonable accuracy”, is one of the parameters of qualifying in the driving skill test, Gadkari said.

This is as per provisions of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.

“Passing percentage in all RTOs is 69 per cent. It is also informed that the objective of conducting driving skill test, as per the above provision, is to produce qualified/talented drivers,” the minister said.

He said over 50 motor driving training schools or institutions are authorised by Transport Department, Government of NCT of Delhi, for imparting driving training.

A demonstration is shown on the LED screen installed in all ADTTs (Automated Driving Test Tracks), apart from physical/live demonstration at the Driving Test Track itself, before the commencement of actual driving skill test, he said.

Besides, a video link for driving skill test demo is provided to applicants at the time of booking appointment for driving skill test.

In another written reply, the minister said the government has notified that certain services related to driving licences and certificate of registration have been made completely online with the help of Aadhaar authentication on a voluntary basis.

This has been done to help citizens to avail these services in a hassle-free manner and to reduce the footfall in regional transport offices, which will increase the efficiency of officials of the regional transport offices, the minister said.

He said the road transport and highways ministry has also written to all the states and UTs to sensitise them in this regard so that they roll out these services at the earliest.

He said the ministry has already undertaken steps for facilitation of citizens including that all forms, fees and documents under the Act can be submitted online to avoid human intervention.

The steps include dealer point registration, he said adding that “for registration of new motor vehicles, the onus to apply for registration stands shifted to dealers and the requirement to produce vehicles before the Authority stands removed, vide the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019.

Besides, the minister said the driving licence can be renewed anytime between one year before its expiry till one year after its expiry to facilitate citizens away from home town, visiting abroad, etc. PTI

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