State, districts required to pre-register COVID-19 Vaccination Centres on Co-WIN2.0

New Delhi, February 28

States and districts will be required to pre-register COVID-19 Vaccination Centres (CVCs) on the Co-WIN2.0 portal before the registration is opened for people above 60 years and those aged 45 and above with co-morbidities so that the list of CVCs is available to the citizens, the Union Health Ministry said.

The registration begins from March 1 at 9 am. The eligible beneficiaries can choose the centre of their choice and book an appointment based on the slots available.

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According to a guidance note on Co-WIN2.0 issued by the Health Ministry, states and UTs will decide the target number of doses to be administered in a vaccination cycle, based on already available vaccine doses and additional doses likely to be available in a vaccination cycle.

As far as vaccination slots are concerned, these can be further classified as mobilisation slots and open slots.

Mobilisation slots are those for which respective states and UT government shall mobilise beneficiaries for on-site registration, appointment, verification and vaccination (all on-site on the same day).

There will not be any need for pre-registering beneficiaries through online interface for this. Proportion of such slots will be decided by respective state and UT government.

Open slots will be open for online appointments by general citizens. The number of Open Slots for a session will be worked out by subtracting the number of reserved slots from the CVC session capacity, the guidance document said.

“It is recommended that, to begin with, one particular COVID-19 Vaccination Centre (CVC) may be either fully reserved or their full capacity is opened for online self-appointment, to avoid the confusion and problems in physical queue management on site at the CVC,” the document stated.

If it is so decided that a CVC will have both the reserved and the open slots, session timings for open slots may be carefully selected to avoid overlap of beneficiaries between the ones coming through online appointment and the ones being mobilised for mobilisation slots, it said.

The timings for on-site registrations in such a case should also be carefully publicised. Since, when a beneficiary is being vaccinated with first dose, COWIN will automatically confirm the appointment of the beneficiary for the 2nd dose at the same vaccination centre, the target number of doses should be decided with careful consideration of available stocks and requirement of vaccine stocks for 2nd dose vaccinations for the already partly vaccinated beneficiaries. PTI

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