Sighting of leopard on consecutive nights spreads panic

Naveen S Garewal
Tribune News Service

Hyderabad, January 20

Panic continues to grip the people around Pahadishareef area of Hyderabad after a leopard was sighted there for the second consecutive day.

Sources said the Forest Department was still ascertaining if the same leopard was sighted twice or two separate animals ventured in the area close to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

The leopard was sighted on the intervening night of Monday and Tuesday at two locations of Mamidipally and two hours later on the Cargo Road in Jalpally before escaping towards the Shamshabad area.

Police gave a statement saying, “The leopard is suspected to have gone towards Shamshabad. A villager claimed to have seen it and immediately informed us. Our patrol mobile car staff reached the spot and verified the facts. Forest department officials were also alerted,”

Teams have been put into place to check for traces of movement tracking the pug marks. They are also verifying footage from surveillance cameras in the surroundings.

An announcement has been made in nearby areas where the animal movements were suspected, telling the people to remain alert, keep their pets and animals indoors and not to venture out alone at night.

“We have advised them not to venture out during the night and urged to alert us if anyone spots the leopard in their surroundings,” an official said.

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