Scribe who filmed BJP leaders ‘consuming’ earlier than SYL quick booked in months-old case

Kurukshetra, December 22

A journalist of a web-based channel who had allegedly made a video of BJP leaders “eating” before observing a fast on the SYL canal issue here has been booked by police in a months-old case.

Rajinder Sanehi was booked on Monday under Section 67 of the Information Technology Act on a complaint given by former Thanesar Market Committee chairman Suresh Saini around 10 months ago, police said.

Kurukshetra SHO Mandeep Singh said Saini had alleged that false and fabricated news was spread by the scribe against him on social media about 10 months ago, which damaged his reputation.

Meanwhile, Kurukshetra MP Nayab Singh Saini and Thanesar MLA Subhash Sudha, who were seen “eating” in a video before joining the fast, denied the claim.         The BJP leaders said they did not eat on the day of fast but only took “prasad” offered to them at a religious event here.

 The Kurukshetra MP said he, along with Sudha, had visited the Gita Gyanam Sansthan in connection with a function and they were offered “prasad”, which they ate.

 There is no question of having food before the fast, he said. 

 Meanwhile, some journalists here under the banner of the Kurukshetra Press Club held a demonstration in front of the SP’s office, demanding the cancellation of the FIR against Sanehi.

Press club president Rajesh Shandilya alleged that police acted under pressure from the BJP leaders.

 Police dug out an old complaint against the journalist, he said, claiming that both parties had reached a compromise over the complaint about 10 months ago. — PTI


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