Rush at ‘Baba ka Dhaba’ after video goes viral

New Delhi, October 8

The destiny of an elderly couple, who were struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic-induced lockdown, changed overnight when a huge crowd thronged outside their make-shift food joint to enjoy home cooked food after a heartbreaking video went viral on social media.

Good fortune knocked on Kanta Prasad and Badami Devi’s door, a night after the story of their struggle amid the unprecedented coronavirus crisis moved lakhs of people, including celebrities, politicians, and even companies, prompting an outpour of support.

The husband, over 80-years-old and his elderly wife, both frail and weakened by growing age, had been maintaining the small food kiosk ‘Baba ka Dhaba’ near Hanuman Temple in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar, since 1988. Usually a popular joint before Covid struck, the couple lost their daily income as people started avoiding roadside food.

A few days back a video on social media showed Kanta Prasad break down as they could not even sell a plate of chappatis and matar paneer. His frail wife rolled out the rotis and he cooked them over the stove fire. The utensils were spotless clean, the mixed daal looked delicious, said the videographer. “But none are ready to eat them,” whimpered Prasad, complaining that through the day they cannot even sell out 500 gm of “daal or sabzi”.

He cried ruing over their loss of livelihood. — IANS


Old couple’s livelihood

Eighty-year-old Kanta Prasad and his wife Badami Devi had been maintaining a small food kiosk, ‘Baba ka Dhaba’, near Hanuman Temple in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar since 1988

As people started avoiding roadside food due to Covi, the couple lost its daily income

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