Rejig in Rajasthan: Pilot loyalists accommodated

Jaipur, January 6

Nearly six months after a rebellion by Sachin Pilot, the Congress today announced a new executive of its Rajasthan unit, appointing seven vice-presidents (VPs), eight general secretaries and 24 secretaries to the Pradesh Congress Committee in an apparent balancing act between the Pilot and CM Ashok Gehlot camps.

Govind Ram Meghwal, Harimohan Sharma, Dr Jitendra Singh, Mahendrajeet Singh Malvia, Naseem Akhtar Insaaf, Rajendra Chaudhary and Ramlal Jat have been appointed VPs. Chaudhary is considered loyal to Pilot. GR Khatana, P Hakim Ali, Lakhan Meena, Mangilal Garasiya, Prashant Bairwa, Rakesh Parikh, Rita Chaudhary and Ved Solanki were made general secretaries. Khatana, Solanki and Parikh are from the Pilot camp. The party appointed Buraram Sirvi, Deshraj Meena, Gajendra Sankhla, Jaswant Gurjar, Jia-Ul Rehman, Lalit Tunwal, Lalit Yadav, Mahendra Khedi, Mahendra S Gurjar, Mukesh Verma and Nimba Ram Garasiya as secretaries. — TNS

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