Modi: Congress’ phrases and actions don’t match

Vibha Sharma

Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 3

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today campaigned for the third and the final phase of the elections to be held on November 7 in Bihar.

Speaking at Forbesganj and later Saharsa, the Prime Minister congratulated people on participating in the festival of democracy amid the Covid pandemic, reiterating that the NDA was “definitely winning”.

‘Democracy has defeated dynasty rule’

In Bihar, rangbaazi (rowdyism) and rangdaari (extortion) are losing and vikas (development) and kanoon kaa raj (rule of law) are winning and parivarvaad (dynasty rule) is being defeated by janatantra (democracy).

He mocked the Congress for its shrinking numbers in the two Houses of Parliament, which have dropped below 100, claiming people were punishing the party for its false promises of poverty eradication and farm loan waiver.

“The party misled people and see what happened….Today, the Congress does not even have 100 MPs in both Houses….. There are several states like J&K, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, which have not sent even a single Congress representative to Delhi…… People have not allowed them to step inside the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha….You can imagine how angry people are with them. This is because they say something and do something else,” the PM said a day after the NDA crossed the 100-mark in the Rajya Sabha.

Delighted over good voter turnout

  • PM Narendra Modi sought to dismiss any perception of the anti-incumbency factor against the Nitish Kumar government, saying this decade would be dedicated to fulfilment of aspirations.
  • He expressed delight over the better than expected voter turnout, saying the enthusiasm of people in the face of the pandemic presented before the world evidence of democracy’s deep roots in Bihar.

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