Meet the person from Punjab tying turbans on hundreds of protesting farmers

Singhu, December 15

Amid the ongoing farmers protest at Delhi’s borders people wearing pagris (turbans) in varied colours can be seen among the protesters.

They are mostly visible at Singhu border which is mainly occupied by farmers from Punjab. The work of tying the turbans is being done by Tajinder Singh from Punjab.

Tajinder has come to Singhu from Tikri border where also he was engaged in tying turbans free of cost.

The protesters at Singhu border include many youngsters without turbans. Tajinder Singh engages in tying the turbans on their heads under the name ‘Turban Bank’.

Tajinder was present at the Tikri border for the last 18 days and has tied nearly 20,000 turbans till now, carrying the cloth used for tying the turban with him.

According to Tajinder, the purpose of this work is that the young generation must know the importance of tying a turban.

Singh told IANS, “I have been doing this work for the last 17 years, having tied turbans on people in every corner of the country.” He claimed that he has tied turbans on many Bollywood stars also, including actor Hrithik Roshan.

He added, “I have been tying turbans on people at the Tikri border for the past 18 days, from today I will tie it on the people at Singhu border. I have named it the ‘Turban Bank’.

“I take tuitions at my home to sustain my financial condition where many children want to study with me. I am doing this only to serve people.”

Tajinder Singh ties more than a thousand turbans everyday in different colours and styles. People choose turbans of their choice. Among the style of turbans, Patiala and Peahen are quite popular among the people. IANS

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