Is astrology necessary for a matrimonial relationship?

New Delhi, September 5

Matrimony, the holiest of all alliances, in all cultures however particularly within the Indian context. India’s customs and traditions lay an excellent emphasis on whether or not the celebrities align in your upcoming nuptials.

While it’s broadly believed that marriages are made in heaven, they concept is that they should undergo numerous processes on earth.

Astrology performs a significant position when finalising a matrimonial alliance. In truth it’s believed that astrology is essential for the success of any relationship. It is a really regular follow in our nation for folks/households to match horoscopes of potential brides and grooms earlier than going forward with any step or course of associated to marriage.

Whenever a matrimonial alliance is being mounted, it’s crucial to have a radical research of horoscopes and stars.

There are different methods to do the identical, corresponding to face studying and studying physique vibrations. All these purpose at figuring out precisely the completely different ‘doshas’ or planetary defects that may exist in a potential relationship.

Some of the commonest ‘doshas’ are ‘Khuja dosha’ – popularly known as ‘Mangal dosha’, ‘Rahu dosha’ and ‘Sarpa dosha’. Apart from these, there are a couple of different doshas associated to the yog of two people and different facets associated to horoscope.

The treatments of every of those planetary defects are decided on the premise of ‘Gochara Phala’, following which completely different pujas and rituals are carried out to make sure that a pair goes into the establishment of marriage peacefully and amicably.

Apart from this, a research can also be carried out of the completely different ‘Guna’ (virtues) of potential bride and groom. Out of 36 ‘Gunas’, not less than 18 should match for a wholesome and completely happy marriage. However, this too might be taken care of by a couple of pujas and rituals.

Besides, astrology or horoscope matching additionally performs an important position in giving a heads up and making ready a pair for the challenges that they could come throughout of their married life.


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