Incorrect to say I’ve been nominated Goa Governor: Ex-CEC

New Delhi, April 30

Former Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora on Friday said he had not been nominated the Governor of Goa and it was factually incorrect to say so.

Responding to a piece by Julio Ribeiro titled, “The fall of the EC’s office”, published in The Tribune today, Sunil Arora said, “The opinion piece by Mr Ribeiro is based on a factually incorrect statement that I have been nominated as the Governor of Goa. Mr Ribeiro has every right to have his opinion on any issue, but at least he should have verified the basic facts.”

The ex-CEC said, “In such a situation to write a virtual obituary of the Election Commission of India, raised on the solid edifice of our Constitution and especially the paradigms set forth in the Preamble thereof, along with my tenure personally, I think is rather unfair and irresponsible.” The Tribune had been for a whole lot of people born in Punjab, including himself, a standard staple, he said.

“The Tribune has been for a whole lot of us who were born and brought up in Punjab a standard staple in the morning and will remain so with its hallowed traditions and extraordinary credibility, just as Mr Ribeiro has been, is and shall remain an iconic officer for our generation,” Sunil Arora said in a statement on Friday. — TNS

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