In Patna, PM woos youth with jobs, questions if ‘jungle raj ka yuvraj’ can generate IT jobs

Vibha Sharma
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, October 28

Sharing the stage with ‘mitr’ (friend) Nitish Kumar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday evoked the Ram Temple issue in neighbouring Uttar Pradesh to congratulate people belonging to Sita’s land, Sitamarhi in Mithilanchal while speaking at a poll rally in Bihar’s Darbhanga.

The construction of Ram Temple has started, he said, quoting it as an example of NDA’s commitment. Modi went on to list the achievements of the Nitish Kumar government while cautioning against “jungle raj and false promises” of previous governments led by RJD.

Be cautious of such people, he said, they promise employment and sell dreams to get votes. The NDA does what it promises. It will boost the Bihar’s development. Your vote for the NDA will help Bihar from getting ‘bimar’ again, promising to make Bihar self-reliant, the Prime Minister said

Bihar has progressed well under Nitish Kumar, he said as Bihar votes for 71 Assembly constituencies across 16 districts in Phase-1 of the elections on Wednesday.

The Darbhanga rally will be followed by a public meeting at Pachrukhi Maidan, Motipur, Muzaffarpur and Veterinary College Campus, Patna.

These are crucial meetings for the NDA in the backdrop of negative perceptions building against incumbent Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Observers say Nitish Kumar’s taunt at an election rally about “having eight to nine children in the quest for a son” at his intended target, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Tejashwi Yadav, is believed to have not gone down well with people.

Cautioning people against ‘jungle raj ka yuvraj’, in his second rally in Muzaffarpur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the people of Bihar need a stable government in difficult times of coronavirus.

“These are not the times to do ‘hawa hawai baten’. Consider what would happen if those who promote ‘jungle raj’ come to rule Bihar amid this pandemic, it will be a ‘dohri maar’ double whammy, on people of Bihar,” the Prime Minister said.

“What can people of Bihar expect from ‘jungle raj ke Yuvraj’….people here know these people well,” he said attacking NDA’s main challenger Tejashwi Yadav without naming him.

“Those who gave Bihar ‘kushasan’, ‘arajakta’, unemployment are looking for another opportunity…..Those who gave Bihar migration, usurped people’s money for their own family are promising employment tpeople….Those who have copyright on extortion and criminal activities are seeking votes….. They have neither the experience nor the roadmap,” he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his third election rally in Patna, said good governance and growth are a continuous process.

He said Bihar has two challenges, “one from coronavirus and second from those trying to make it sick again. Your one vote for NDA can save Bihar from becoming bimar (sick)….. When I say NDA it means four parties, BJP, JD-U, HAM ( S) and VIP,” he said seeking votes for NDA

Listing achievements of the NDA government, he said the days of darkness of ‘lalten’ (RJD’s symbol) are over. “Can people who only thought about themselves fulfil aspirations of people,” he questioned.

“Bihar will be the biggest beneficiary of Mission Dolphin. Today people want modem airports…. they want river fronts, metros, passport centres in all cities….There will be an IT hub in Patna, other cities….Only NDA can fulfil these aspirations,” he said, promising new opportunities for youth.

“NDA is creating jobs through reform, could Bihar dream of IT hubs in jungle raj. Can ‘yuvraj of jungle raj’ take the State forward in IT, people know answer to this well,” he said in an all out atrack against Tejashwi Yadav

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