Hold nation earlier than ideology: PM

New Delhi, December 22

In a major outreach, PM Narendra Modi today called the Aligarh Muslim University “mini-India” that represented the country’s diversity.

This is the first time in over five decades that a Prime Minister participated in an AMU event after Lal Bahadur Shastri in 1964.

Addressing the AMU alumni, teachers and staff on its centennial celebrations, the PM lauded the university for its role in crafting and polishing millions of lives, giving them modern and scientific thinking and inspiring them to work for the society and the country.

“The AMU has changed many lives,” he said, referring to its exemplary role in India’s Independence struggle, nation building and the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. At the same time, he advocated “vigilance against misleading propaganda” and keeping “interest of the nation supreme”. “Ideological and political differences should be set aside for the sake of development. Politics can wait, society can wait, but the country’s development cannot wait,” he added.

Though he did not refer to the farmers’ stir, analysts read hints towards it in his observations as the AMU students have extended support to the farmers. — TNS

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