Harmful state of affairs creating with China: Rahul

Tribune News Service
New Delhi, January 19

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said a dangerous situation was developing with respect to China, adding that India must respond with a strategic vision.

“I am telling you today that China is watching the weakness of India and understanding it. China has a clear strategic vision. They want to shape the world. India has no strategic vision. China has tested India twice in Doklam and now in Ladakh. I am telling you unless India gives China a clear message and frames a strategy, China won’t sit silent. They will exploit the situation and the damage will be done. People will face the results. A dangerous situation is developing,” Gandhi said at a press conference amid satellite imagery-based reports of China building a village in Arunachal Pradesh.

Gandhi said he was raising a red flag to the government that China was in Indian territory.

“You think you can handle this with event management, you are mistaken. China is something else. China wishes to dominate and is working systematically. Your words are not going to matter. Your job is to protect India and you are not doing your job,” Gandhi said.


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