Drunkards, thefts has Ghazipur border on excessive alert

Vinayak Padmadeo

Today News Online Service

Ghazipur (Ghaziabad), March 4

The Ghazipur protest site has suddenly seen a rise in cases of disorderly behaviour of drunkards, besides a rise in theft cases as well.

To keep a tab on the miscreants, the Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU) leaders and volunteers are now taking more precautions as such cases are on the rise.

On Monday, after two people misbehaved in a drunken state, they had to be evicted for separate brawls.

Dharmendra, resident of Farukkhabad, was first picked up by Khoda police station for getting involved with a local. Later, he was found to be in possession with a motorbike, which was reportedly stolen on Sunday. He was later handed over to Kaushambi police.

Dharmendra was reportedly staying at the site for the past three months.

Earlier that day, another youth had to be evicted for slapping a woman rag picker. In another incident on Tuesday, a laptop was reportedly stolen from a tent.

Such incidences have heightened tensions at the protest site.

BKU’s Uttar Pradesh chief Rajbir Singh Jadaun said his organization would not stand with any of such anti-social elements.

“Dharmendra said he has been here for a long time. We found in his possession a bike, which was stolen. He was later handed over to the police. We are very clear about one thing that we have no space for anti-social elements among us,” Jadaun told The Tribune.

“We have also seen cases where outsiders come here to harass the media to bring bad name to the agitation. Our volunteers are alert to all such incidents as we have to deal with drunkards as well. We have to keep a watch and remove them,” the BKU leader added.

Jadaun said the BKU would act tough against their own activists and supporters if they were found to be unruly or involved in any scuffle.

“We don’t care if someone is from the BKU or not. If he/she is creating a ruckus, they will be asked to leave immediately. Our supporters are not like them. But having said that, such people when caught will always come up with a stories claiming that they have political affiliations or connections. But like I said, we are very clear that anti-social elements will not be tolerated in this protest site,” the BKU leader said.

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