Devotees can’t rub Shivalingam at Ujjain’s Mahakaleshwar Temple, orders SC

Satya Prakash
Tribune News Service
New Delhi, September 1

The Supreme Court on Tuesday restrained devotees from rubbing the Shivalingam at Ujjain’s Mahakaleshwar Temple with a purpose to stop its additional erosion.

“Poojaries, Janeupati, Khutpati, Purohits, and their authorised representatives (have) to strictly ensure that no visitor or devotee rubs the Shivalingam at any cost. If it is done by any devotee, accompanying Poojari or Purohit shall be responsible for not stopping the rubbing,” a Bench headed by Justice Arun Mishra ordered.

“No rubbing of Shivalingam to be done by anyone except during traditional Puja and Archana performed on behalf of the temple,” mentioned the Bench which issued a collection of instructions to administration committee of the temple for preservation of the Shivalingam and higher repairs of the temple.

“The rubbing of curd, ghee or honey on the Shivalingam by the devotees is also a cause of erosion.  It would be appropriate that only pouring of a limited   quantity of pure milk is allowed by the committee. Whereas in the traditional puja to be done on behalf of the temple, all pure materials can be used,” it mentioned.

“The entire proceedings of puja and archana in garbh griha to be video recorded 24 hours and be preserved at least for six months,” it mentioned, including if any violation is discovered by any poojari, purohit, the temple committee can take appropriate motion in opposition to that poojari or purohit.

It mentioned, as agreed by the temple committee, no Panchamrita to be poured on Shivalingam by any devotee. 

It could also be used solely throughout conventional puja and archana of the Shivalingam.

The prime courtroom mentioned it was for the temple committee to supply pure milk from its assets to the devotees   for providing and guaranteeing that no impure or adulterated milk was provided to Shivalingam. It requested the poojari/ purohit involved to make sure compliance.


The prime courtroom directed the temple committee to make sure that the pH worth of Bhasma throughout the Bhasma Aarti was improved and Shivalingam was preserved from additional deterioration and to implement one of the best methodology to forestall additional harm to the Lingam.

It requested the temple committee to make sure that weight of Mund Mala and Serpakarnahas was additional diminished to protect the Shivalingam from mechanical abrasion and discover out a means and contemplate if it was obligatory to make use of metallic Mund Mala on the Shivalingam, or there generally is a means out to make use of Mund Mala and Serpakarnahas   with out   touching   the   Shivalingam.

“Possibility of further reducing weight may also be   found out to prevent mechanical abrasion,” it mentioned.

The Bench – which additionally included Justice BR Gavai and Justice Krishna Murari—directed the skilled committee comprising consultants from Archaeological Survey of India and Geological Survey of India already appointed by it to go to the temple and submit a report by 15 December 2020, as to the steps to be taken to protect Shivalingam and temple construction, together with Chandranageshwar Temple.

It sought a compliance report by second week of January 2021.

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