Commandant’s Parade for autumn time period – 2020 held at Indian Army Academy

Tribune News Service
Chandigarh, December 10

The historic Chetwode Drill Square at the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun, played host to the Commandant’s Parade for autumn term – 2020 on Thursday.

The event, which is a prelude to the passing out parade, marked the culmination of training of 325 Indian gentlemen cadets in addition to 70 cadets from nine friendly foreign countries.

Owing to the COVID-19 precautionary guidelines, only the IMA staff and other trainees witnessed the impressive parade. Parents of the cadets have been invited for the main passing out parade scheduled to be held on December 12.

The IMA Commandant, Lt Gen Harinder Singh, reviewed the parade. Exhorting the cadets to maintain the high ideals reflected in the IMA’s code of conduct and pursue excellence, at all times, he stressed that the Army’s reputation rested firmly on their shoulders.

He said that they have earned this honour with hard work and they need to retain it by living up to the Army’s core values of character, competence, commitment and compassion.

“Once commissioned, you shall be put in a furnace to test your strength and purity. Remember purity of action results from purity of intention. Hence, be genuine in your concerns for your men. If you show them your competence, your men will respect you, but if you show them your concerns, they will trust you and happily take a bullet for the task you assign. Understanding your men by capitalising on their strengths and weaknesses is a continuous learning process and an important human resource management skill which you need to master from experience,” the commandant said.

He also extended his compliments to the 70 foreign cadets, stating that the strong bond of togetherness that they have developed in IMA shall foster into a bond that will keep the diplomatic and military ties between our nations strong and vibrant.

He expressed confidence that the spirit of the IMA will guide all of them in their future courses of action and they must always endeavour to achieve greatness in whatever they did.


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