Centre recommends Ayush medicines for Covid care

New Delhi, October 6

The Centre today launched the National Clinical Management Protocol based on ayurveda and yoga for the management of Covid-19, recommending the use of ‘ashwagandha’, ‘guduchi ghana vati’ and ‘chyawanaprasha’ among other drugs for disease prevention in high risk groups and in primary contacts of patients.

It has proposed ‘guduchi ghana vati’ and a combination of ‘guduchi’ and ‘pippali’ or Ayush 64 drug for asymptomatic Covid-19 patients to prevent disease progression.

The protocol says ‘guduchi-pippali’ mix and Ayush 64 tablets can be given to patients with mild symptoms. The government today said the protocol was “in addition to the Covid clinical protocol issued by the Health Ministry” and not a substitute for the same. It warned people against getting a false sense of security based on the Ayush protocol. — TNS

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